Audio LTD RMS2020





The 32 channel RMS 2020 system has the same compact design as the RMS 2000, but with the added reliability of 32 separate frequencies. Which means much greater flexibility - even on complex multi-camera shoots. The system is incredibly compact (the receiver measures 147mm x 64mm x 20mm and weighs 250 grams. The transmitter is even smaller - just 87mm x 60mm x 21mm and 115 grams). And it incorporates the latest surface-mount technology, including a microprocessor-controlled synthesiser. Another new feature incorporated into the transmitter is the redesigned battery compartment, with its easy-to-use slide-in drawer. The RMS 2020 is fully compatible with the full range of Audio Limited accessories already available to RMS 2000 users, and has received full European-type approval to ETS300-422.

Audio LTD RMS 2020